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    Darren Bertuccio

    Darren is a graduate of the Camosun College Fine Furniture Program in 2002 in which he received the Designer of the Year award in both lighting and product design. His pieces aim to inspire a sense of calm, beauty and order in the home. Darren is often influenced by Shaker furniture which embodies clear and concise design without extraneous ornamentation. His process of hand selecting the materials and using their characteristics to inform the design of the piece results in unique, timeless, modern furniture. Darren is a member of the Furniture Society which is the leading body in the industry committed to advancing the art of furniture making.

    My desire for furniture making is driven by a compelling need to be creative and precise, to work with my hands and to see the beauty in the final product. I am inspired by simple yet functional forms which compliment the natural beauty of the materials. I believe good design is derived from focusing on the essence of function of the piece”